Santa Heads

I know that it is a horrible thing to start thinking about christmas before thanksgiving, but I was getting coffee at P&O this afternoon, and they has christmas candy galore, and it got me thinking about the few things I want.
I have already stated that I want these, and I still do, the north is way colder than the south, and my feet get cold really easy.
Again with the cold feet, these slippers are wonderful!  They still don't compare to the elephant slippers that I had for so many years (until my dog ate them all up), but they will do.
This is just so cute, I have coveted it for months, but never got the guts to buy it.
METALLIC UGGS!  Need I say more?
Pink wheels, these can help me roller around campus wicked fast.
I already have a turntable, but it is hard to transport because the speakers are huge, and this one would be perfect for a dorm.  Also on the list is a Ihome, or some such thing.  My big idea is to get stuff for college.  The dead line for early apps is tomorrow, so I am taking tonight off to go see Oliver at school with amy.  I'll finish early morning and have them all sent in by noon.  Have a good weekend!

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