gumdrops and lollipops

Today was my last day of high school.
I could smile forever.
It rained all day long, it was okay, we had a water balloon fight in the parking lot
Boys vs. girls
All the fun things are starting now
Graduation is just days away! Happy friday, go have a water fight.


Gladys Lopez said...

sweet photographs!
i love the fourth and the double rainbow. :)

Yamila said...

Congrats!! not more high school!! It's cool, right??
Well. I miss it already! :(

Jenna said...

WOW congratulations!
That water fight sounds like so much fun, I'm jealous.

Sylvia said...

congratulations on your upcoming graduation! that last piece of advice is very, very wise. i might be following it tomorrow.

Julia.K. said...

Congratulations! That's super exciting.

s a m said...

congrats! and the photo of the rainboots looks like the cover of the Marisa de los Santos novel Belong to Me