keep our milk in the stream

These days all I want to do is sit outside and read in the sun,
and also do night time activities.

My aunt and uncle went back home today.
It's great, I have my bathroom all to myself again.
And we have lots of leftover goodies. 


Yamila said...

"These days all I want to do is sit outside and read in the sun": i do it often, too!! Great!

Have a good week, dear!

Gloria C. said...

i can relate
Its nice to have relatives come to visit but its irritating having ones personal area invaded by someone else.

Electro Geisha said...

great pohotos. like the bow :)
me go browse you pretty and ur blog :) c ya soon :) wink wink

Francie. said...

your rolls are so interesting i like the hook up one.

Soraya-Jane said...

I love the photo of the couple and is that you in the one above, what an amazing black skirt!

ADELE said...

Love the last pic !

Rain said...

first bag is gorgeous!

and thanks for your comment!


esther said...

Serioulsy loooove your style of blogging.

Little Bo Peeep said...

The last pic of this entry made me smile! :) Thank you.

Riri said...

you look awfully cute in the 5th and 6th photo :] btw i'm going to link you on my blog i hope you'll open mine thank you dear! xx