im'a b-i-t-c-h

Friday I went to Nylon Summer Music tour.
We got there hours early, but the club was basically empty.
The openers were all good.
The Plastiscines were amazing!

They were cute, and bouncy and so parisian. 

We got set lists.
So amazing.


vintageveggie said...

juuuuuulie baby i feel like poop. i didn't get the dansko's and i wish i were with you right now because i feel utterly alone... sorry for the emo moment.

i hate boys.

Marilyn Hayward said...

Their outfits look amazing. I wish I were a rock star.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Some great photos in this post, you definately captured the engery!

Court said...

I was going to go when the tour came to Houston but then I was lame and didn't. SO jealous ;)

Patrick said...

All of the openers were good? Even Jaguar love? I'm glad YOU liked them.

Luxi said...

I love their outfits and these photos <3


susie miller said...

two of my favourite things. denim cut offs and leopard print.