im'a b-i-t-c-h

Friday I went to Nylon Summer Music tour.
We got there hours early, but the club was basically empty.
The openers were all good.
The Plastiscines were amazing!

They were cute, and bouncy and so parisian. 

We got set lists.
So amazing.


melting all away

Anna and I are going to the Nylon Summer Music Tour tonight.
I am so exited.
Were going to get there hours early, and sit on a blanket and play.
cobrasnake, shark vs. bear


I just want to know

Started teaching today, very tiring.
The kids found out I was ticklish, I was chased all day.  


are we clear agent

This is a blog post about nothing.
Except I started a new scrapbook documenting summer,
I am loving writing everything down.
I wish I could go to the beach, but it's rainy and cloudy for a day or two more.
i can read, found


the way he wears his hair

Slept all day today.

Then stole a Frisbee from the summer camp kids
Me and sara played in the dark, getting bit by mosquitoes 
I found a job at a summer camp.
I worked there last year, teaching dance and acting
I'm doing art's and craft's this year.
I'm going to miss sleeping in late.
justin boyer


keep our milk in the stream

These days all I want to do is sit outside and read in the sun,
and also do night time activities.

My aunt and uncle went back home today.
It's great, I have my bathroom all to myself again.
And we have lots of leftover goodies. 


I snuck off to your bedroom

It has been all parties for more than a week.
I feel great to be out of school, forever.
Have a good weekend!
ilenia madelaire, maximilian haidacher


pink balloon volvo

I was driving with my friend today on the way to the river when I realized a few things
that it is really, actually summer,
also that I am graduating high school the day after tomorrow
and that everything in life is going right at the moment.
the selby


can you wait for the sun to come up

I am looking for the perfect bike at the moment,
as a graduation present, but I can't find one that I like
It's becoming very stressful.

Its going to be a cruiser though, and I'm so exited.
One of my best friends birthdays was today,
We went to dinner, and ate cake, and played pool and apples to apples. 
Birthdays are my favorite.
Erin Roddy


in the great green room

I sit the coolest little boy.
We swing, and play in the dirt, and yell and pick flowers.
He is the best, and goes to bed at 5:30, Super.
His house is perfect, and huge and decorated great.
But his parents are late getting home,
And I have people to go see.