gypsy rose

Chaz got my Ben Kweller lp in last week, I went in to pick it up today.

Pretty much the best record ever, it comes with a cd and a poster, and it is so good, perfect for listing to on a sunny day.

Day one of spring was yesterday, hope you enjoyed it.
Now go pick some flowers, or eat whole foods 99 cent flower cupcakes.


Annie said...

totally agreed with you about changing horses, my favorite songs are gypsy rose and wantin' her again.

i saw him in concert at the end of february and it was so great!

would you like to exchange links?

Sol said...

these pictures are amazing. can you think of a better way to spend summer? they pretty much sum it up!

happy weekend!

Maggie May said...

beautiful post

vintageveggie said...

mmmm ben kweller. lovely pictures.

Pixie July said...

I love your posts - your life seems magical and full of sunshine and dreams! Flower cupcakes and Ben Kweller now on my must-experience list... xxx

ess elsie. said...

love these pictures. just leaves me waiting for spring to actually arrive. here it just snowed on the first day of spring... it's like the groundhog popped out of his hole and said "eat that suckkkahhhhsss"

constance said...

i really like the phto with the girl running on the beach and i LOVE the photo with the girl (and the soda!) on the grass!

p.s i love ben kweller!