just say hello to the ground

I really have a thing for flowers
These are luo yang, i posted some of her photos in an earlier post

I love the smoke, that another thing i have a thing for. In all the rain, i just want to sit and listen to music, what is some good summer music? 


Jenna said...

Matt&Kim. =]

Lo et Molly Shameless said...

• Dan Auerbach for lazy days in the sun. really, give this guy a listen. He is the lead singer of the Black Keys
• Beirut
• Emiliana Torrini
• the Go! Team
• Salykmatictm by Peachcake
• Here's Where the Story Ends by the Sundays
• Sigur Ros
• Tilly and the Wall
• Wolf Parade

Okay this is getting too longgg. Haha but get back to me if you like any I'd love to know girl!

ps love love LOVE all the pics you posted


Lauren said...

great post! and i kind of have a thing for vampire weekend :)

vintageveggie said...

jules! this post is gorg!

Elizabeth said...

this post is fabulous!

SK said...

the last two pictures are sexy ad whimsical and beautiful at the same time :)