so its been a few years since i've done this

I was tagged by jenna over at Oh Bother to create a poem starting with the second letter of my last name. My second letter is i- 
instant seconds flutter by
fly like the hands of a clock
butterfly kisses just brushing your cheek
a breath on your neck, the brush of a hand on your hair
little middles, little seconds that run through your eyelashes 
passed notes, found photos, ribbons, petals, kisses
instant seconds flutter by  
I tag xandra at alexandra blogs and hanna at i am not a robot


Britt said...

that's a lovely poem!
and a beautiful picture too.

vintageveggie said...

jules this is beautiful.

Pansieberry said...

beautiful poem.

lilbent said...

Lovely, indeed! I'm gonna go write mine right now.